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September 30, 2021

These Pilgrims Dance!

Anchored: The Pilgrim Story, covers the saga of the Pilgrims’ voyage from their departure to the first Thanksgiving in America, depicting the faith, hope, and courage which sustained them. Anchored spotlights significant scenes such as the tumultuous crossing of the Atlantic, the historic signing of the Mayflower Compact, the intensity of the first winter, the long-lasting peace treaty with the Wampanoag people, and the festive harmony of the First Thanksgiving. This moving story, told through the beauty of dance, will uplift and inspire audiences today. Featuring Ballet Magnificat!

Andover -- 7 PM Thursday, Sept. 30th at the J. Everett Collins Center Theater

Tickets are $25 for adults, $17.50 for children 13 and under. 10% discount for groups of 8 or more, and 20% discount for groups of 20 or more.

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